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Do I have to attend a personal interview to onto debt review?

No it's not necessary everything can be done telephonically and via email.
What signs is there that I must consider debt review?

If you are having, or about to have, difficulty paying creditors every month then you are probably over indebted and qualify.
What do we do?

We negotiate on your behalf with your credit providers to balance your income with your living expenses and payments to credit providers.
Will my employer know that I am under debt review?

No, we never contact your employer about your financial situation.  All the information you provide us is confidential between the three parties involved i.e. you, NDRA & credit provider.
Can I apply for debt while I am under debt review?

No you can not apply for new debt while under debt review.
What accounts can be included under the debt review process?

All credit agreements can be included (For Example: House bonds, your car payments, payments on personal loans, any other debts "Edgars, est.)
What accounts cannot be included under debt review?

Service agreements such as water and electricity, telephone, est.)
What must I do if I received a letter of demand?

You should contact us urgently if you received a letter of demand, but if a court judgment was taken then we can not help you.
When you received a letter of demand, you have less than 20 days to talk to us.
We can only protect the rest of your assets. Contact us for possible solutions.

Must I wait for a judgment and what will the implications be?

If you are unable to pay your debt and your do nothing, it is very likely that your creditors will take judgment against you.
The effect of this could include the following:
They can attaché your assets;
They can demand a portion of your monthly salary or garnishee order;
You are listed on the credit bureau
The judgment stays in place for 30 years, this means that your creditors has 30 years to collect the debt from you.

Who qualifies for debt review?

Any South African individual that receives an income
I am in a relationship, must my spouse also apply for debt review?

If you are married, in Community of Property (COP), you and your spouse must be registered.  If you are married with an Anti-Nuptial Contract (ANC), only one partner can register.
If you are in a relationship, but not married, it is similar to being married with an ANC – you can register only one partner.

How long does it take to protect me against my creditors?

Once your application is approved, you are immediately protected (Normally within 24 hours)
Debt has to be re-arranged within 60 business days. Thereafter payments are made according to the new payment plan.

How can I apply?

You can contact us by sending us a quick response or download an application form and send it though to us.
What to do if a credit provider phones or harasses you in any way

Advise them that you have applied for Debt Review in terms of section 86 of the National Credit Act.
If they ask for proof show them your receipt.
Request that they contact us on 086 1007325.

debt review frequently asked questions

This section give you answers to questions that we frequently receive from potential and existing clients. Getting you out of debt is a detailed process and we know that you may be confused or need clarity on certain areas.

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